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WELCOME to the website of the 
NOTE: this website is under development NOV-DEC 2016
Check out the events calendar (click) in 2017 for outings, news updates and much more!
Norbeck Meeting at SDSMT 5:30pm - February 9, 2017: Meet with Beth Burkhart (Botanist) to discuss background and details of Norbeck Society's new Adopt an Allotment Project in the Black Hills.
Topics to be covered include the benefits of citizen science,  basics of rangeland vegetation monitoring,  introduction to the Robel pole protocol for vegetation monitoring, what citizen volunteers will do, and how results will be used.
Norbeck Society is opposed to this land exchange, creation of Spearfish Canyon, and expansion of Custer State Park with Bismarck Lake. It is critical that you contact your federal, state, and local officials at this time and tell them your views!
On this website, look under What You Can Do menu item, Comment on Issues submenu item for Norbeck Society position statement and contact information for federal, state, and local officials.

Become a citizen scientist with the Norbeck Society and contribute to long-term health of vegetation, wildlife habitat and other natural resources on public lands in the Black Hills by adopting a grazing allotment!

What would I do?

---Focus on an allotment/area in the Black Hills you know and enjoy OR take assignment of an allotment/area easy for you to visit

--- Be trained by Norbeck Society in Robel pole protocol to measure residual herbage (calibrated for the Black Hills) 

---Collect residual herbage/Robel data at least once a year in your adopted allotment and make observations on livestock and wildlife locations

---Submit data and observations to Norbeck Society for annual compilation, analysis, and reporting of all citizen data

 February - April          2017  Informational and organizational meetings throughout the Black Hills, including classroom training
 May - June 2017  Field training
 June - October 2017  Citizens collect data/observations and submit to Norbeck Society
 December 2017

 Final 2017 report completed by Norbeck Society and shared with citizens, organization, agencies.

Prepare for 2018 Adopt an Allotment project!

 Interested? Questions? See more information under the Issues/Grazing tab of this website

Contact Beth Burkhart, Norbeck Society Coordinator at: burhartbeth1227@gmail.com and watch this webpage for informational/organizational meeting dates and locations


Our Mission


“Friends and neighbors as advocates for stewardship, restoration, and enjoyment of public lands, ensuring a conservation legacy for future generations”

About Us


In April 2005, a new organization, the Norbeck Society was founded by South Dakotans to bring together like-minded people who want a unified voice in various outdoor projects and issues.

Peter Norbeck


Peter Norbeck was South Dakota's first native-born governor and United States senator, serving as governor from 1917 to 1921 and as senator from 1921 until his death in 1936.  He brought Gutzon Borglum to South Dakota and convinced Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Franklin D. Roosevelt to provide federal money for the carving of Mount Rushmore.  He also contributed to the development of Sylvan Lake, Needles Highway, Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, and Wind Cave National Park.

Words to live by


"You're not supposed to drive here at 60 miles an hour.
To do the scenery half justice, people should drive 20 or under.
To do it full justice they should get out and walk."

---Peter Norbeck on the Black Hills.

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